Answering to any of your questions (technical, crossed P/N, pricing, leadtimes...) within 2 hours.

Therefore today when you need Deutsch Relays do not contact Deutsch (which has been sold also in 2012 to TE connectivity).

Consult INOGIA.

INOGIA is a Distribution company which has been founded by former Deutsch employees who have kept the products expertise and the right contacts within former Deutsch Relays (now STPI).

INOGIA has a direct access to the STPI factories, in France and worldwide, and gives the best logistics and pricing conditions.


Inogia : Deutsch relays Inogia : Deutsch relays Inogia : Deutsch relays Inogia : Deutsch relays

The so-called «Deutsch Relays» do not belong to Deutsch anymore.

New York, January 16th, 2008

DEUTSCH announces the transfer of its Relay Division to STPI.

DEUTSCH, one of the world leaders in the production of hermetic relays and electrical connectors for the industry, the aerospace, the defense and the transportation, announced today the transfer of its Relay Division to the STPI group (Paris, France).

The Relay Division of Deutsch, created in 1954, is one of the main hermetic relay manufacturers, In 2007, the Sales of the Division were $35 Million.

STPI is a relay manufacturer recognized on the European market with more than 50 years of experience. With this acquisition, STPI becomes a world leader with an upper Sales of $ 60 Million.

Jean-Marie Painvin, President of Deutsch, has declared, "I am very happy to have found a buyer who will know how to accompany the development of the Relay Division.
Deutsch is going to concentrate from now on entirely on its core business, the manufacturing of electrical connectors".

Michel Nespoulous, President of STPI, declared, "Thanks to this acquisition, both companies are going to be able to unite their strengths to propose the best offer to our customers, by completing our existing range of products and by assuring a worldwide presence.
This will also allow STPI to develop its sales in North America where Deutsch Relays Inc.(DRI) is a leading player».

Inogia : Deutsch relays Inogia : Deutsch relays Inogia : Deutsch relays